Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight

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  • VOLTAGE MAKES A DIFFERENCE – This tactical stun gun offers a battering 4,500,000 volt stun paired with a loud and scary zapping sound to immobilize and deter unsuspecting assailants.
  • CONCEALED STUN GUN – Guard Dog’s exclusiveConcealed Inner Stun Technology ™ ensures that attackers are surprised. The prongs are hidden within the outer layer making the Diablo jolt stun gun look like an ordinary flashlight.
  • ADDED SECURITY IN BRIGHT LIGHT–Not only a strong self-defense weapon, the Diablo is also an extremely bright tactical flashlight stun gun. The 160 lumen bulb lasts more than 100,000 hours and will illuminate the darkest corners.
  • FUNCTION AND CONVENIENCE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS—A handy safety switch prevents accidental discharge while the rechargeable battery saves you money.Note: Refer to the user guide