Gift Ideas for any Guy

You have to get some guy a gift, whether it is your husband or you just need to get one of your cousins a birthday gift. You have came to the right place! Here will will give you a list of great gift ideas for him! These gifts come in a vary of different gifts from our Credit Card knife to a Potty Putter where he can play golf even at the toilet.


Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Voguishh Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

These bluetooth earbuds are perfect for any active guy, whether he loves to work out or just is in need of a new set of headphones, these are perfect. They connect to any iPhone/Android with bluetooth. They also have long lasting battery life for long uses.

Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds - $34.95

Wood Charging Dock

Natural Wood Charging Dock

Here is a perfect Organizer for any guy that always needs a place for his stuff. This organizer can fit three phones, a watch, and three pens. The wood really gives this organizer a very professional look.

Wooden Charging Organizer - $29.95

Potty Putter Toilet Golf Game

Pooping Gold Game

Here is a little gag gift for any golfer! If they love the game of golf so much now they can play it while they are pooping. Here is the Potty Putter Golf Game.

Potty Putter Golf Game - $17.95

UC Front Pocket Wallet

UC Front Pocket Wallet

Perfect little gift for any guy, every guy should get a front pocket wallet like this. You get rid of a big bulky wallet that always feels weird in your jeans. With this slim wallet you wont even be able to tell you have your wallet on you!

Urban Cowboy Front Pocket Wallet - $24.95

Wooden Watch

Wooden watch

If the guy you are shopping for is a watch guy, this wooden watch is the perfect match for his collection! It comes in 6 different styles so you can find the perfect fit just for him!

Wooden Watch - $14.95

Multi Tools 11 in 1 Credit Card

Multifunctional Credit Card

This pocket survival card has all the tools you will need in this day and age. It fits in your wallet so you will forget about it ever being there until you are in need of a Saw, Ruler, or a screwdriver and have none of those in sight.

Muti Tool 11 in 1 Credit Card - $6.95

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Water Proof Speaker

Dust proof, shockproof, outdoor Waterproof bluetooth speaker perfect for any guy that need a speaker on the go. Here is a perfect little speaker for on the go guys that dont need to worry about babying the speaker.

Waterproof Speaker - $29.95

Beer Holster

For your beer lover, here is a 6 pack beer holster! No guy could ever hate this!

Beer Holster - $16.95